Turbo Turbo

Dave Clarke's Fav. Techno Tracks of 2017 by Sven

We are really really proud that the Baron selected our tracks "Shelter" and "Unfold" as one of his fav. tunes in 2017 and play them again this coming weekend in his White Noise Show. Here is the full list for you:

TX 29/12 Best of Techno

Process 1 LSD
We Magnify His Name ( Mark Broom Dubplate Mix) Robert Hood // Floorplan
Shelter S-File
Analog Planet Industrialyzer
Process Truncate
Nephesh Robert Hood
Triplicity Dimi Angélis
Styge 1 Cari Lekebusch
Totem Mental Overdrive
Rocks On The Trax RIVA STARR
Famoo Funk Gary Beck
The Message Gene Farris
Soul Mode Purveyors of Fine Funk
Hood Thang 2000 and One
Booster ( Octave One Rework) Planetary Assault Systems
Elektrik Vince Watson
Ravage Bas Mooy
Pollinator Glenn Wilson
Aeon Jeroen Search
'Time Shifting' Hndrk
Unfold Turbo Turbo
Manipulator (Ben Long Spore Mix) Ade Fenton
Infiltrator Edge of Motion

OUT NOW: This is GND Vol. 8 by Sven

1. David Carretta – Never Control (S-File remix) 05:54
2. Turbo Turbo – Inner Walls (Dan Curtin remix) 05:52
3. S-File – Nu Life 06:01
4. Turbo Turbo – Bunker Rehearsal 04:50
5. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D remix) 05:45
6. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Refusion 05:07
7. Deadwalkman – Purple Chord (Gotshell remix) 05:27
8. Turbo Turbo – Roarr 05:46
9. P-Ben – Reconverse 06:30
10. S-File – Transmission (S-File 1Hundred mix) 05:39
11. Discord – West Regular 06:23
12. S-File – This Is GND Vol 8 (continuous DJ mix) 40:08

OUT NOW: David Carretta - Machines Invasion (GN111) by Sven

David Carretta – Machines Invasion (GN111)

Vinyl Release Date: 08.08.2017

Digital Release Date: 28.08.2017

A1. Original Mix (Remastered)

A2. Turbo Turbo Remix

Played by Dave Clarke, DJ Hell, Marcel Dettmann, The Hacker, 2000 And One, Dario Zenker, Dubfire, Mark Broom, Marcel Fengler, Marco Bailey, Gary Beck, Funk D'Void, Richie Hawtin, Felix da Housecat, Chris Liebing, Unbalance, Mr Jones, DJ Pete aka Substance, Keith Carnal, B Traits,  Echoplex, Bas Mooy, Luigi Madonna, Illario Alicante, Spartaque, Louisahhh, Sintek, DJ Hyperactive, Philippe Petit, Patrick DSP, Dany Rodriguez, DJ Feadz, Arnaud Le Texier, Progression UK, Madben...

In the year 2000, David Carretta released his fantastic Machine is Breading EP on the french label Thrust. Machines Invasion was a huge success for Carretta. 17 years later we release the track again on 12inc and for the very first time as Digital with a new remastered version and a powerful new Turbo Turbo Remix. That release is after the huge success of Never Control, a big highlight in this years GND catalog. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new old Carretta record!



We are very happy to announce that we release a Killer Classic Track on GND in the next couple of months. The amazing "Machines Invasion" from David Carretta is coming after 17 years on vinyl again and for the very first time as Digital with a new Remastered Version and a awesome remix from Turbo Turbo. Check the fantastic original from Davd here:

GNDRadio #47 with Turbo Turbo (27.03.2017) by Sven

Thanks to all for switch in the GND Radio Special on RTE 2FM Ireland last weekend. In the next weeks, we upload all Mixes from this special show on the GND Soundcloud Channel in our weekly shows. Kick off with a mix from the GND Key Artists Turbo Turbo!
01. Binny- Untitled
02. Env3 - Typ3 (Alexander Kowalski (Official) vs D func. Remix)
03. Mark Broom - Witch
04. Roman Lindau & Roberto - Fossil Archive - Nerinea Trinodosa
05. Turbo Turbo - Roarr
06. Serot Feat. Iiro Rantala - Udu (Emmanuel Remix)
07. S-File - Switch
08. Florian Meindl - Colorful Cage
09. David Carretta- Never Control (S-File Remix)
10. Future 16 - Filaments, Pt.4
11. Monomood / Jens Tozzberg - Rumpelsäge
12. Turbo Turbo - Unfold
13. Nikola Gala - Fantom 1
14. Ben Long - Fire In The Hole
15. Rolando - Untold (Markus Suckut Remix)
16. Anthony Cardinale // Avision - One HItta (Roman Lindau Remix)
17. Fiedel - S-Drive

GND Radio on RTE 2FM Ireland by Sven

Check this weekend from saturday to sunday night from 1-5h the GND Radio Special on Irelands biggest and national Radio Station RTE 2FM. Straight after Dave Clarke S-File present you fresh mixes from James Ruskin, Roberto - Fossil Archive, Turbo Turbo and himself! Show will be upload on sunday on the RTE Website.
Here are the Tracklistings and Infos for the Show:

OUT NOW: Turbo Turbo (GN108) by Sven

Turbo Turbo – Unfold (GN108)

Vinyl Release Date: 20.03.2017

Digital Release Date: 10.04.2017

A1. Unfold (Original Mix)

A2. Roarr (Original Mix)

Played by Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Rolando, 2000 And One, Truncate, Roberto, Echoplex, Ilario Alicante, Marcel Fengler, B Traits, Progression, Roman Lindau, S-File, Dan Curtin, DJ Hyperactive, Philippe Petit, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Dany Rodriguez...

After remixes for Mark Broom on his label Beard Man, for S-File and Ben Long's record on Decoy, we are proud to present the brand new Single from Turbo Turbo. 2 excellent Techno tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. The two German brothers Bernd and Manfred hit with their Techno Sound the current nerve of the club scene. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new Release from Turbo Turbo. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Artist Name: Amelie Lens

Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: will play roarr for sure thanks!

Artist Name: Ilario Alicante
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

Artist Name: Charlotte de Witte
Radio Station / Magazine: Studio Brussel
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is cool. Will try, thanks

Artist Name: Rolando
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is Dope! Will play this one out. Thanks!!!

Artist Name: Philippe Petit
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Killer baseline in Unfold, Roarr is very effective too: wicked release!

Artist Name: Truncate
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is the one for me thanks

Artist Name: Roberto
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Really cool release!

Artist Name: ben sims
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: i'll give roarr a blast, thx!

Artist Name: 2000 and One
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Cool release, thank you.

Artist Name: Dany Rodriguez
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr are the one for me thank you!

Artist Name: Dan Curtin
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Unfold is really rocking, nice one

Artist Name: Goldfox
Radio Station / Magazine: Studio Brussel
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is raw!

Artist Name: Echoplex
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Full support, Roarr will def play

Artist Name: DJ Hyperactive
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr for me

Artist Name: Roman Lindau
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Unfold is soooooo powerful! Love it! Thanks :-)

Artist Name: Progression UK
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Both quite deep but love the production. Thank you!

Artist Name: Marcel Fengler
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Will play. Thank you!

Artist Name: B.Traits
Radio Station / Magazine: BBC Radio 1
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Nice! Downloading on behalf of B.Traits

Artist Name: Mr. Jones
Radio Station / Magazine:
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: nice build up in "Unfold".

Artist Name: DJ 3000
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: unfold for me :)

Artist Name: Eddy TM
Radio Station / Magazine: Virgin Radio
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: I love riffs rotating in triplets around a 4:4 beat, it fires my rocket :)

Artist Name: Sintek
Favorite Track: Unfold, Roarr
Feedback: The hell smashes here!! Damn good!!!

Artist Name: Coco Cole
Radio Station / Magazine: Capital XTRA
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: LOVE

Artist Name: Patrick DSP
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: wicked release!

Ben Sims - Run it Red NTS Live by Sven

1. Inter Gritty - Void [Random Island]
2. Sounds And Sequences - Blackboard [Sounds And Sequences]
3. Eshu- Fraktur [Eshu]
4. Miruga - White Moon [Rough House Rosie]
5. TDJ & Lil' Tony - Sto [HPTY]
6. Waage - W1 [Thule]
7. Tin Man - Sunken Acid [Global A]
8. Adryiano - Tasmic [Cestraw]
9. Reggie Dokes -Transpose (Red D's Extendit) [We Play House]
10. Trevor Deep Jr - Xtc Man [HPTY]
11. Fred P - 6AM [SecretSundaze]
12. Markus Suckut - Sixth Movement [Exile]
13. Markus Suckut - Fifth Movement [Exile]
14. Times are Ruff - Paper Plane [Times are Ruff]
15. Mike Derer - Nation Of House [Unreleased]
16. Tiga - Eye Luv U (Butch's 80's Warehouse Acid Remix) [Turbo]
17. Tin Man - Drenched Acid [Global A]
18. Jeff Mills - Captured And Under Their Control [Axis]

19. Deadbeat - Just Jackin Around Man [Echochord Colour]
20. Truncate - Feel This Way [Unreleased]
21. Mark Henning - Tides [Soma]
22. Alex Falk - Girl [Mister Saturday Night]
23. Turbo Turbo - Roarr [GND]
24. Nikola Gala - Fantom 1 [Dirty Sessions]
25. Ben Sims - Jack Trax 3 [Unreleased]
26. Radio Slave - Feel The Same [Rekids]
27. Mark Henning - The Dogs [Soma]
28. Avision - One Hitta (Roman Lindau Remix) [Inmotion]
29. Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock - Bad Boy [Ostgut Ton]
30. Marco Zenker - Sumit [Ilian Tape]
31. Seelow - KKid_V2 [Ilian Tape]
32. Landside - Signs of Change (Robert Hood Remix) [Just This]
33. Johannes Volk - Wrong Prophecy [Suburban Avenue]
34. Truncate - Process [Blueprint]
35. DVS1 - 1996 [Hush]
36. Rodion Stankevich - Any Questions Any Answers [Symbolism]
37. Subtractive Synthesis - Timelapse (Function Rmx) [Synewave]
38. SHDW & Obscure Shape - Nachtblende (James Ruskin Version) [From Another Mind]
39. Par Grindvik - Sever [Weekend Circuit]
40. Patrik Carrera - Manipulate (Makaton Cannibal Jaw Remix) [Beardman]
41. Abayomi - Centaurus [Abayomi]
42. Biz - The Pass [Unreleased]

43. Zach Lubin - Compiler [Obvio]
44. Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock - No One Around [Ostgut Ton]
45. Thomas Urv - HZ [Ploink]
46. 30drop - Gravity Zone [30drop]
47. Jeff Mills - Fast Descent To The Surface (Eyeball Landing). [Axis]
48. Beat Movement - The Day After [DLBM]
49. Savas Pascalidis - Strobe [Suburban Avenue]
50. James Bong - Train 9 [Newrhythmic Records]
51. Drafted - Isolator [Invite’s Choice]
52. Claudio PRC - Ostinato [Semantica]
53. Rupcy - Straits [Ilian Tape]
54. Kessell - Terminus [Granulart]
55. Echelon -  Echelon 001/B2 [Echelon]
56. Ersatz Olfolks - Strobes & Smoke [Singular]
57. Lester Fitzpatrick - Acid [Urban Kicks]
58. Tin Man - Viscocity Acid [Global A]
59. Aybee - Down The Rabbit Hole [Deepblak]


We are proud to annouce that Turbo Turbo release their next record on March the 27th. Previews of the brand new two track coming very soon. Early plays are coming from Ben SIms, Dave Clarke, Truncate, Rolando, Chris Liebing and much more. You can listen one track also in the lastest White Noise Radio Show from the Baron Dave Clarke!

GND Radio #39 with Turbo Turbo (30.01.2017) by Sven

01. Turbo Turbo - Unfold
02. Lluis Ribalta - Womb (David Temessi Remix)
03. Sev Dah - 152
04. MTD - Plasma (Hiroaki Iizuka Remix)
05. Stephen Brown - Deep In (Literon Rave Tool)
06. Ilario Alicante - Hypno (Mark Broom Remix)
07. Marco Zenker - Stressin Neighbour
08. Paranoid London - 300 Hangovers A year
09. Manie Sans Délire - MSD (Version Deux)
10. 2000 And One - Space Thang
11. Turbo Turbo - Roarr
12. James Bong - Sigma
13. Michel Lauriola - Skimming the Fog
14. Unbalance - Rejected
15. Arttu - Slack
16. TWR72 - Speech
17. Rhythmrobot - Cosmonaut I

GND Radio #30 with Turbo Turbo (28.11.16) by Sven

01. Dany Rodriguez - Aerospace
02. Markus Suckut - 10 Y
03. Russell James - Dawn
04. Paul Nazca - Optia
05. Richie Santana - Random Music
06. Ben Long - Re Engage (Turbo Turbo Remix)
07. Raul Duke - Worker
08. Andre Kronert - EXILE005 A2
09. Raíz - Cored 2 (Cell Injection Remix)
10. Mark Broom - D282
11. Diego Amura - Lost (TWR72 Remix)
12. Deadwalkman - Sustain
13. Jonas Kopp - Akut
14. Cadans - Vocal Exercise
15. Envoy - Dark Manoeuvres (Dax J Remix)
16. Marco Bailey - Lost Gravity
17. Arthur Baker feat. Alan Vega - Angel Of Hell (Paranoid London Remix)
18. Jorge Zamacona - Stacked Team
19. Cadency - Imagine