GN100 by Sven

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S-File - 1Hundred Mix by Sven

To celebrate our 100th release and the 5th Birthday of GND, S-File mixed a brand new Mixtape with lot's of fresh new and unreleased Stuff!

01.   Ossie & Tomer – Funky Stabs (Motech)

02.   Nikola Gala – Komplex 1 (Lower East)

03.   Notion A – The Rhythm (Jumpei Sato Remix) (Plus)

04.   Avision – Dope Jazz (Beard Man)

05.   Christian Smith – Release (Drumcode)

06.   Jerome Hill – It’s Time for the (Super Rhythm Trax)

07.   2000 And One – Spunk The Funk (Bitten)

08.   S-File – Digital Disorder (Turbo Turbo Remix) (GND Records)

09.   Simone Tavazzi – Nitro (Unknown Territory)

10.   Jay Wong – Intergalactic Alliance (Anti Matter)

11.   Ritzi Lee – Traction (Mord)

12.   Emmanuel – Masa (Enemy)

13.   Risc – Too Rhythms (Chicago Jaxxx)

14.   Saftronic – Exit (Ploink)

15.   Avision – Freak Zone (Beard Man)

16.   S-File – Transmission (S-File 1Hundred Mix) (GND Records)

17.   Voiski – Happy Piece For Happy People Piece (Dekmantel)

18.   Johannes Heil – By Night (Part One) (Odd Even)

19.   Robert Hood – Master Jack (Dekmantel)

20.   DJ Skull – The Drum (Chiwax)

21.   Christian Morgenstern – Miscellaneous 7 (Psyk Remix) (Konsequent)