OUT NOW: Turbo Turbo (GN108) by Sven

Turbo Turbo – Unfold (GN108)

Vinyl Release Date: 20.03.2017

Digital Release Date: 10.04.2017

A1. Unfold (Original Mix)

A2. Roarr (Original Mix)

Played by Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Rolando, 2000 And One, Truncate, Roberto, Echoplex, Ilario Alicante, Marcel Fengler, B Traits, Progression, Roman Lindau, S-File, Dan Curtin, DJ Hyperactive, Philippe Petit, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Dany Rodriguez...

After remixes for Mark Broom on his label Beard Man, for S-File and Ben Long's record on Decoy, we are proud to present the brand new Single from Turbo Turbo. 2 excellent Techno tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. The two German brothers Bernd and Manfred hit with their Techno Sound the current nerve of the club scene. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new Release from Turbo Turbo. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Artist Name: Amelie Lens

Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: will play roarr for sure thanks!

Artist Name: Ilario Alicante
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

Artist Name: Charlotte de Witte
Radio Station / Magazine: Studio Brussel
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is cool. Will try, thanks

Artist Name: Rolando
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is Dope! Will play this one out. Thanks!!!

Artist Name: Philippe Petit
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Killer baseline in Unfold, Roarr is very effective too: wicked release!

Artist Name: Truncate
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is the one for me thanks

Artist Name: Roberto
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Really cool release!

Artist Name: ben sims
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: i'll give roarr a blast, thx!

Artist Name: 2000 and One
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Cool release, thank you.

Artist Name: Dany Rodriguez
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr are the one for me thank you!

Artist Name: Dan Curtin
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Unfold is really rocking, nice one

Artist Name: Goldfox
Radio Station / Magazine: Studio Brussel
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr is raw!

Artist Name: Echoplex
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Full support, Roarr will def play

Artist Name: DJ Hyperactive
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Roarr for me

Artist Name: Roman Lindau
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Unfold is soooooo powerful! Love it! Thanks :-)

Artist Name: Progression UK
Favorite Track: Roarr
Feedback: Both quite deep but love the production. Thank you!

Artist Name: Marcel Fengler
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Will play. Thank you!

Artist Name: B.Traits
Radio Station / Magazine: BBC Radio 1
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: Nice! Downloading on behalf of B.Traits

Artist Name: Mr. Jones
Radio Station / Magazine:
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: nice build up in "Unfold".

Artist Name: DJ 3000
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: unfold for me :)

Artist Name: Eddy TM
Radio Station / Magazine: Virgin Radio
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: I love riffs rotating in triplets around a 4:4 beat, it fires my rocket :)

Artist Name: Sintek
Favorite Track: Unfold, Roarr
Feedback: The hell smashes here!! Damn good!!!

Artist Name: Coco Cole
Radio Station / Magazine: Capital XTRA
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: LOVE

Artist Name: Patrick DSP
Favorite Track: Unfold
Feedback: wicked release!